Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweets at My desk

There was just one thing common in all these mails, the subject line.

It read, ‘I’m back, sweets at my desk!!’

Monday was often when the festivities of sweets descended in the cubicles of our workplace. The reasons were many. Some would have got back from long holidays from their natives and in turn would have come loaded with heavenly caskets. There were few who would have returned engaged as the days of vacation often turned lethal for the bachelors. Their homes would have ensured a coup d'├ętat where in the bride would have been selected and the guy emotionally abducted to the wish bones of the judicious elders. Then there were some who would have rejoined from onsite and would be busy flaunting their videshi collections to much dislike of the hardcore Netajis around.

Scanning the ‘sweets at my desk’ mails, I could smell the sweets as if they were there in front of me. These pictures of the confectionaries were so alluring that I had already galloped a few roshogullas on my way to cat-scanning the mail item. The spittle were gargling my mouth. The patent appetite for the angelic candies, the laddus and the pethas had an out-of-court settlement with the logics to hide the same from Pankhuri. I wasn’t allowed much to enjoy the Dairy milks and other sweets. If I did the lady warden had to be informed about the treachery.

‘Hey Sandy, are you coming for the sweets!’ I asked my neighbor who was reading his sacred holy book, the prima facie matter with which he started his day. Nodding his head and muttering his morning prayers he signaled me to wait. The mail had been sent a few minutes back. But I could see a swarm already hording towards the destination.

The exiled IT guys would ogle at such relief packages in their self deported refugee camps and compete with one and all. There would be chaos and cannon would fly in all directions. The voiceprint of the stampede would reach the head’s office and the next round of mails warning masses to behave in an orderly fashion would be floated out, the HR code of conduct.

‘Come fast man, the sweets will get over.’ Adi said while crossing me. Netaji was also with him. Looking at Sandy, I didn’t see him much interested in the sweets as perhaps he was in midst of attaining something far greater, worshipping his deity. Hence leaving him to his gods, I too proceeded for the kill.
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